Always a student.

Always crossing boarders. 

Always curious for more information.

A little about me

Teaching and learning globally started off for me when I was 19 years old and — with only three suitcases — left Sweden for Denmark to pursue my professional dance career.

Little did I know that it would take me 12 years before I found my way back to Sweden, where I currently have my home and work base. 

Having danced and worked my way from Denmark to Germany, down to the Spanish islands and all over the ocean to Argentina to receive my Comprehensive Teacher Training Certificate, I believe that the only way for me to live is to cross boarders and boundaries and keep challenging myself as a teacher and as a human being. 

I have encountered Pilates both through my professional career and as a patient, and thanks to that dual experience, I have grown a passion for helping people returning to a functional way of living. 

Education / 

CTTC-Move Academia de Pilates Argentina, 

Buenos Aires


Pathologies & Injuries/ 


Pre&Post Natal / 

Anna Ericson

Dance Bachelor / 


Written and taught by Julia Liedbergius 

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